Delivery sandwich

News, enjoyable for all fans of sandwiches is delivery sandwich from “Ekipazh-service”. If you think that sandwich is the best option for eating during work break or to give preference to quench hunger, we are ready to deliver the highest quality sandwiches, cooked by the best craftsmen in compliance with all hygiene standards.

Delivery sandwich is the best way to eat nourishing directly in the workplace, without leaving your computer. Food of all students and youth - sandwiches with various fillings, will be delivering to your home or office, in school, and the hostel. Freshness and quality guaranteed by the best restaurants and bars, producing the product. In order to obtain food for yourself and your friends, make an order to our operators, and delivery sandwich accomplish its mission on time. We suggest you multiply your own comfort, without leaving specifically for food from your home.

Use our service to save time and efforts, focusing on other, more productive employment and people you love and respect. Delivery sandwich should become the norm of the proper distribution of the efforts for modern man, preserving his time. With our help you can safely plan your budget and make sure that does not go hungry in any situation.

Receiving orders around the clock by phones: 044 353-9-353 
                                                                                       096 353-9-353 
                                                                                       093 353-9-353

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