Pizza Kiev

If you have a great desire in the good company of friends to enjoy pizza, we suggest you to take the opportunity of it delivery. Company “Ekipazh-service” perfectly fulfills its obligations to customers, delivering an absolutely fresh product made especially for you. You can order very different toppings for pizza; we will respect your wishes.

Pizza with bacon, mushrooms, Parmesan cheese, tomatoes, tuna - and that list is very long, but we will stay at the desired for you order form. Fragrant spices, meat, cheese create a special unique taste and form of our pizza will call a great appetite.

Pizza Kiev in our delivery - is a great way to feel again the taste of one of the most popular dishes in the world, which can be enjoyed indefinitely. Book pizza Kiev our courier service, because it's the right decision to get the product in perfect shape and neat package. Our pizza is made specially for you. Enjoy this culinary masterpiece with your friends. You will find that we are able to give pleasure to our customers.

                                                Receiving orders around the clock by phones: 

                                                                              044 353-9-353 
                                                                              096 353-9-353 
                                                                              093 353-9-353



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