Sushi in Kiev

Sushi - a traditional Japanese dish consisting of rice and seafood, which is firmly stuck in the West and the Slavic countries. Sushi in Kiev - is an ability cheaply and tasty to treat yourself with an exotic dish. In addition, sushi in Kiev - is a good way to make your diet richer.

With the development of Japan its culture and, of course, cooking began to penetrate into other countries, and sushi becomes extremely popular. Sushi in Ukraine can be practically found in every city, not only in Kiev where there is a diverse selection of tasty dishes in the city.

Youth and the older generation and even little children love this dish, which is not so usual for our country as for instance Italian pizza. It seems that sushi in Ukraine is settled firmly and permanently.

Sushi menu amazing by its diversity. Here we have common sushi, Gunkan sushi, sashimi, rolls, sushi platter and even fruit rolls.
Even those who do not like seafood will be happy, because fruit sushi and salads will not leave them cold!

In addition, you can pamper yourself by the Japanese miso soup, since Japanese cuisine is not just sushi. Usual or sparkling wine, beer or soft drinks will be a perfect addition to the sushi. Japanese cuisine is for everyone's taste.

When you take in your hands a sushi menu or you view it online, then you will have a small problem: "What to choose? There are so large range of dishes? Eel, salmon, perch, shrimps and caviar - all about what you dreamed. A choice problem will be solved quickly, because every time you can try something new.

Sushi sets are an integral part of sushi. Because Japanese food without proper clearance loses part of its charm, but certainly not its taste. Beautiful table setting and Japanese dishes have a great influence on the nature of the meal.

Sushi sets are made of various materials: bamboo, porcelain, wood, iron, stone and other materials. You should just contact us and let us find what's right for you.

Sushi Express is a fresh primary product combined with excellent taste. Sushi Express is a company which supplies seafood almost all of Ukraine. Thanks to it we can always enjoy fresh and delicious sushi and be confident in their quality.

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